About Stephanie


I’m an Integrative Therapist based in Bristol (currently online), where I have been in private practice with “Stephanie Healey Therapy” since 2017 after moving from Cardiff. My approach working with both adults and teens (age 14+) I describe as “creative, open, and fluid”, meaning that each session moves at the pace of the client, and also allows flexibility in the room.


I aim to provide a calm, warm space in which the client can “be” whilst we work together through the difficulties that they are experiencing. 


The term “integrative” can sound quite confusing, so I’d like to explain it. Within the world of therapy, there are many theories exploring what it means to be human and what it means to find happiness, peace, and serenity in our identities. By working “integratively”, it means we are able to pull in all of these theories for each client, to explore their world and their ways of being and to give them the empowerment and courage to be themselves as they go through life. In basic terms, we are tailor-making the space by allowing all theories and ways of working to be present because one size never fits all, and we change continuously; so our therapy needs to change with us too. 

Alongside private practice, I am also passionate about providing better Sex Education. My background is working with both teenagers and adults who have experienced domestic violence and/or sexual exploitation who are healing from this trauma and also supporting them to re-create a happier identity with sex and relationships moving forward. I’ve worked with several organisations, including Brook Bristol, BASE in Barnardos, Women’s Aid and in 2019 gave a TEDx Bristol talk on the need for changing the narrative in Sex Education.

At the end of 2020, I co-founded the training company “Fawn and Lore” where we aim to provide up-to-date, practical and revolutionary sex education training to foster carers, parents and adopters.