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Is therapy for me?


Therapy is personal, and a private journey for each person. 

You might feel like there is a particular issue or situation you would like to work through that is hurting you, or perhaps you have a general feeling that you could feel happier but not sure where to begin. We each have our own reasons for coming to therapy, and they are all valid. 

Although Stephanie's background is working with adults who have experienced domestic violence, assault and sexual abuse, her door is open to any type of concern. Her therapy room is calm, cosy and warm, and within their Stephanie aims to work at your own pace encouraging her clients to re-build and re-evaluate their identities with empowerment and autonomy.


It's important to not only choose the right therapist for you, but also to recognise if therapy is right for you right now. You should feel comfortable with your therapist to be both vulnerable and challenged; change is difficult, as is healing emotional wounds, but by committing to choosing yourself and your personal development, you can be supported to transforming your reality.


The initial session (assessment) will be £40 for 60 minutes and regular sessions will be £50 for 60 minutes.


Sessions booked as a block and paid up front will be entitled to a discount (sessions x 4 for £175, sessions x 6 £250).


Concession rates of £40 are available for those who are not able to pay the full price.

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